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Concierge support you can rely on

Every minute you spend being down or unable to access your systems and customer information is a waste of time and money.

Are you dealing with:

  • Frustrated clients

  • Stressed out employees

  • Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars lost each hour your business can’t operate

  • Unplanned expenses and surprise billing

Then it’s time for you to work with Calm Computing where you’ll have a custom IT plan tailored to your business with a comprehensive suite of solutions essential to day-to-day support that is cost effective and accessible anywhere at anytime.

Managed IT Services and Solutions

Reliable Technologies that Support Your Business





Save time and money, maximize productivity, cut down on costs

What you can expect with Calm Computing Managed IT Services

Proper IT Support

A dedicated team of experts you can turn to who has a comprehensive understanding of your IT systems and network to get you back up and running quickly

Network Infrastructure

A network that is built to succeed, is updated, maintained, and running smoothly so your business and employees can operate smoothly

Updated Operating Systems

We take on the responsibility of keeping your tools up to date so you and your team can use your time and resources on revenue-generating activities

Data Security

A comprehensive data strategy from backups to management to 24/7 monitoring to reporting ensures your business is resilient in the event of a disaster


We do the technology solution vetting, using our industry knowledge of the best options for your business, and provide recommendations to make technology decision-making more manageable

Technology can be overwhelming
You don’t have to go it alone; let us share the burden with you

Ever since turning our technology over to the team at Calm Computing, our support costs and time have decreased by 40%. I don’t fully understand exactly how they do what they do, but I’m glad the are so good at doing it so that we can focus on our business!

– Kent, Architect

Business Technology Questions

  • Are you tired of trying to manage all your systems and devices?

  • Are you losing hundreds of dollars because your network and computers are down?

  • Is your staff frustrated and complaining about your business technology?

  • Are you able to serve your customers in way that is seamless?

Be confident in your answers
with Calm Computing as your
guiding partner.

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