Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster. That’s a disheartening statistic for any owner trying to pick up the pieces following a devastating fire, storm, platform hack, security breach, riot or other unexpected catastrophe. As overwhelmed as you might feel, it is important to know that your post-disaster actions and speed will directly impact how quickly you’re able to get your business up and running again. If you want to be one...

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How Personal Attitudes Can Empower Your Business

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Many entrepreneurs believe that their products and/or ideas are the sole variables that affect the failure or success of their businesses. However, your personal attitude has much to do with this too. It is possible to enhance your business by focusing on the mindset that you and your staff adopt each day in the office. The five attitudes listed below will help your enterprise to be successful:   Embrace the Concept of Growth Studies carried out by the psychologist C. Dweck suggest that there’s a couple of different attitudes in the...

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6 Keys For Business Growth Achievement

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Business expansion is the goal of every entrepreneur, however accomplishing it is frequently a challenge. 99.9 percent of all startup enterprises fail to reach a yearly revenue of $250,000,000 and ninety percent of these enterprises fail entirely. A solid business growth plan is a necessity if you wish to defy these odds and set up a profitable business. The particulars of your business growth strategy have to be based on your industry, requirements and available resources, however there are several universal factors that every successful...

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Strategies To Overcome Adversity In Business

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It is normal to face situations in life where you have to overcome adversity. These situations are inevitable and it is better to accept them as a fact of life. Dealing with these difficult situations is easier for some people than it is for others. If you struggle with difficult life situations it is a good idea to formulate strategies to overcome adversity. You are just as liable to encounter tough times in your personal life as you are in your professional life. Workplace problems such as a poor economy, losing customers, and problems with...

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Lead Conversion: Converting Potential Leads Into Sales

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Do you want or need additional sales revenue?  The best way to accomplish this is to increase sales productivity.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large company, it is critical to create and maintain an effective sales process.  Not only should this process be easy to recognize, but it should also make it easy to analyze your options and final decisions. You need effective sales and marketing strategies to increase and maximize lead conversion.  This isn’t hard to do if you’re using the right strategies. ...

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Business Players and Spectators

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The business market is much like a sports playing field with players and spectators. As the game evolves, rules and participants change, but the basics stay the same. What works in the game today may become obsolete tomorrow. Whether you’re a business owner, investor, potential hire or simply playing the stocks market, there is a distinct contrast between a player and spectator. The latter usually is someone who watches, analyzes and waits before making their move. Alternatively, players being the active participants jump right in with both...

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Lessons For Raising Business Capital

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There are many steps in business growth and evolution. Starting out new on your own or a seasoned entrepreneur. You’ve been in business for years and are looking for growth. New or replacement software or equipment. These are many defining moments in business that may require you to have a few investor meetings for raising capital. Here are a few lessons on raising capital I have learned over the years to make this process easier: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Vision This may seem contrary to other points in this article. You  may...

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How To Build Rapport For Better Business

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If you think successful business is all about selling products and services, think again. One of the key strategies to grow a successful business is to have a good rapport with your clients. Maintaining a good relationship with customers not only helps businesses grow by leaps and bounds, but also retain customers and ensures long-term loyalty. When you use rapport skills and maintain a healthy relationship with people, it more likely that they will come back to your small business.   Understand your Clients Requirements A common mistake...

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How To Build Trust For Your Business

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Ask owners about the kind of business they are running and you will get varied response. Some might say that they have a grocery store while others might talk about their insurance company. These are all valid, of course. However, the reality is that everything comes down to one simple matter: the people. All businesses revolve around relationships with employees, customers, and clients. Trust has to be built between every player for a venture to be successful. If there is mistrust, then it will be very difficult to establish and maintain a...

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Five Time-Saving Tools That All Business Owners Should Use

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Technology has changed the way companies function by increasing productivity. From large brands to startup companies, there are excellent tools for all organizations. In many cases, the time-saving tools that are on sale are intended to help businesses manage mail more effectively. This means that they can spend more time on vital tasks that boost their profits, instead of wasting precious time on admin. These are the most popular tools: 1. Evernote This software has transformed data management and note taking. It allows professionals to...

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