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Finish Line Insurance Services represents a number of different insurance companies from all over the country. We have consistently set the bar higher every year in order to ensure our clients receive policies from only the strongest financial institutions. In all honesty, sometimes the best price does not make the best decision.

Finish Line guarantees that the companies we represent have shown us that they hold up to the following standards:

  1. We recommend the  company be in business for at least 100 years
  2. The company must have a “A” rating or higher given from A.M. Best (sorry no exceptions with this one)
  3. We like  when companies have at least $20 billion in liquid assets

Beyond these criteria Finish Line has made a moral decision to refuse to do business with any insurance company who has received a government bail out prior to 2007.  We feel it is simply not necessary to support businesses that cannot support themselves.

We do however favor insurance companies who have any of the following characteristics:

  • Companies where we can physically speak with underwriters on the client’s behalf
  • Companies who have conservative portfolio’s and are not driven by the day to day fluctuations of shareholder’s stock prices
  • Companies who show community support and regularly add benefits to existing customer policies

At Finish Line we take pride in the standards we hold with our services and hope that you will share in the same values that we set forth in doing solid and honest business. Contact Us

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