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At Calm Computing™, we keep our business clients Calm, Cool and Connected™.

That’s why we’ve put together a cost-effective preventative maintenance package designed to preempt problems. With highly competitive pricing and superior customer service, we monitor the health and security of your individual computers, company network and servers so that you are not only operational but also fully effective 24/7.


The Calm Computing Package* includes:


  • Antivirus: High-quality Antivirus software is the foundation of computer security. But the best antivirus software on the market does you no good if it is outdated or your computer isn’t scanned regularly. The Calm Computing Package includes business-class antivirus software that is continually monitored, updated, and all computers/servers are scanned on a regular basis. We are instantly notified via email of any virus threats so that we can immediately eliminate the threat.


  •  Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring of exchange and file servers to ensure email uptime as well as immediate response to any outages. 24/7 monitoring of all network equipment; router/firewall, switches, modem, internet connection, etc.


  • Clean-up: Regular removal of temporary/junk/log files on servers, desktops and laptops.


  • Maintenance: Installation of all Windows and third-party software updates on a regular basis – no need for users to waste any more time being bombarded with pop-ups to update Flash, Java, Windows, or antivirus.


  • Hard Disk Health: Your hard drive is where you keep much of your valuable business data; client databases, emails, etc. It is also the weakest link in a computer. Calm Computing can monitor your workstations and server hard drives’ physical health, we are notified when a hard drive is about to crash so that we can respond immediately and minimize downtime.


  • Backup: Daily backup monitoring to ensure successful completion of data backups.


  • Email Reports: All network activity is tracked and reported to you weekly or monthly, whichever you prefer.



Keep your company Calm, Cool and Connected.

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* The Calm Computing Package provides the best technology and service available in the industry. It will greatly improve the reliability and security of your IT system while optimizing its function. It is not, however, a guarantee against user error or hardware malfunctions. On-site and remote back-up is, therefore, an integral part of any IT plan.


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