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Computer and network downtime translates into frustration, lost productivity, lost revenue and employees sitting idle, unable to work. Learn how Calm Computing can keep your business up and running, virtually 24/7!

According to a 2010 study by Coleman Parkes Research, North American businesses collectively lose $26.5 billion in revenue each year as a result of IT system downtime.


Avoid being part of that statistic

with Calm Computing™.

Calm Computing is the full service tech support provider that puts your business first. Our mission is to maximize individual and corporate productivity while increasing uptime and averting disaster. Our three-pronged approach to IT services ensures that we accomplish our mission and earn your satisfaction:

First Prong: Individual User Support

  • Full support of all desk and laptops, including troubleshooting, virus removal, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Configuration of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for remote users and business travelers in a way that keeps your company files secure.
  • Integration of mobile devices to increase productivity.
  • Instruction in particular software.


Second Prong: Company Protection

  • Installation of advanced antivirus software on your servers, desk and laptops.
  • Protection against hackers with hard and software firewalls .
  • Continuous monitoring of antivirus and firewalls.
  • Provide and monitor individual and corporate back-up systems to ensure quick and reliable access to all company documents and data in the event of a crisis.


Third Prong: Company Advancement

  • Software, computer and server upgrades, additions and replacement, whether on an as-needed or a scheduled amortization basis.
  • Full implementation of software, computer or server exchanges.


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