Business Players and Spectators


The business market is much like a sports playing field with players and spectators. As the game evolves, rules and participants change, but the basics stay the same.

What works in the game today may become obsolete tomorrow. Whether you’re a business owner, investor, potential hire or simply playing the stocks market, there is a distinct contrast between a player and spectator.

The latter usually is someone who watches, analyzes and waits before making their move. Alternatively, players being the active participants jump right in with both feet. They proactively apply their skills and knowledge across a myriad of industries or specific positions.

The terms player and spectator are somewhat broad and can apply to many things. They can also have several different meanings as well.

Let’s take a look at the business side and what differentiates both positions.

Business Players

A business player is someone who plays a active or leading role in a company or organization. They have valuable experience, knowledge, and true insight on market and industry trends.

Players also stay closely tuned to the current trends in the market, while applying and implementing their skills to help foster growth and expansion.

Nonetheless, a player does not necessarily have to be an employee of any firm. In fact, the player can be a freelancer, contractor, consultant, or one that owns their own brand and business.
Here are some constants in the world of business. Players:

  • Make it happen, they do not wait for things to happen.
  • Usually have the habit “early to rise and late to sleep”.
  • Commit to excellence in personal enrichment but are also skilled in achieving goals with measurable results.
  • “Play” the market across numerous industries, niches and sectors. That is they offer their valuable services for companies that requires their skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Are also someone who can generate leads and convert them into real-time results and profits.
  • Understands the importance of generating multiple streams of income to effectively make ends meet and raise ROI.
  • Understands the importance of timely clients and colleagues communication. Similarly, players seldom miss out on any opportunities that can result in timely compensation for their work and services.

Business Spectators

Business spectators are usually someone that has insurmountable patience and monitoring skills. They are usually not as dynamic as players, but can be equally headstrong.

Even though spectators watch and listen with strong eyes and ears, they are also great communicators equal to players. Their instinctive knowledge enables them to chose the precise time when and when not to speak to offer their valuable insight and assistance.

Even though these traits generally cover the employee or managerial sectors, what about spectators in the investments markets?

Here are some essentials of spectators in the global business and investment world:

  • Business spectators stay informed of all market developments, industry trends and more.
  • They are precise and well-versed in numerous forms of business correspondence and investing.
  • Spectators are not considered a leader in business, like players. However, they can be a powerful pawn in any business brand growth and development and commercial dealings.
  • Spectators are highly-experienced in monitoring market fluctuations, and usually base their decisions on proven, measurable results.
  • Unlike players, spectators do not take unnecessary chances that can leave them out of the pocket. Instead, they apply the same disciplines in all aspects of business; observe, process, then implement and apply.
  • Spectators generally seem quiet and reserved but that is truly their strength and a strong business tactic. By watching, listening and processing, spectators are able to make calculated decisions with results that tend to be favorable for all parties involved.

Are you a Player or Spectator?

Business is certainly not defined by players or spectators. In fact, many business people t take on both roles across a number of industries. However, securing timely results and profits requires true tact and precision.

As a go-getter (player), you can take massive action with many chances. This enables them to learn from mistakes while enhancing their skills in the business game. This is the enchantment and essence of being a player.

However you must always be prepared for losses as well as gains.

You may seem like a follower as a spectator, but in essence you can utilize your skills to advance your career and business objectives or goals in many ways. You are achieving a desired result, which is more than enough, instead of public recognition.

The most important aspect is to know whether you are a player or spectator. That will enable you to build on strengths and build a stronger plan and course of action.