Lessons For Raising Business Capital

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There are many steps in business growth and evolution. Starting out new on your own or a seasoned entrepreneur. You’ve been in business for years and are looking for growth. New or replacement software or equipment. These are many defining moments in business that may require you to have a few investor meetings for raising capital. Here are a few lessons on raising capital I have learned over the years to make this process easier: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Vision This may seem contrary to other points in this article. You  may...

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How To Build Rapport For Better Business

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If you think successful business is all about selling products and services, think again. One of the key strategies to grow a successful business is to have a good rapport with your clients. Maintaining a good relationship with customers not only helps businesses grow by leaps and bounds, but also retain customers and ensures long-term loyalty. When you use rapport skills and maintain a healthy relationship with people, it more likely that they will come back to your small business.   Understand your Clients Requirements A common mistake...

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How To Build Trust For Your Business

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Ask owners about the kind of business they are running and you will get varied response. Some might say that they have a grocery store while others might talk about their insurance company. These are all valid, of course. However, the reality is that everything comes down to one simple matter: the people. All businesses revolve around relationships with employees, customers, and clients. Trust has to be built between every player for a venture to be successful. If there is mistrust, then it will be very difficult to establish and maintain a...

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Five Time-Saving Tools That All Business Owners Should Use

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Technology has changed the way companies function by increasing productivity. From large brands to startup companies, there are excellent tools for all organizations. In many cases, the time-saving tools that are on sale are intended to help businesses manage mail more effectively. This means that they can spend more time on vital tasks that boost their profits, instead of wasting precious time on admin. These are the most popular tools: 1. Evernote This software has transformed data management and note taking. It allows professionals to...

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5 Reasons Multitasking is NOT a Good Thing in Business

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As many of us know, social media, email, and other computer activities can have a drastic impact on productivity. Based on many studies, people can only handle multiple tasks if they are simple or can be handled without thinking. For example: walking, talking, breathing, drinking, and similar tasks can all be performed without much thought. Conversely, tasks that require a certain level of focus and concentration like washing your hands, pouring a cup of coffee, or tying your shoes are not activities that can be performed at the same time....

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Clarification on Yahoo email

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We’ve been asked to provide some clarification about our prior post regarding Yahoo’s email service.   Here’s why Yahoo one of our least favorite email services: 1) You’d get better security from a wet Kleenex. It seems that not a couple weeks go by and we’re getting phone calls from clients whose accounts have been hacked and hijacked, or people are getting obviously fraudulent/spam emails from friends of theirs with Yahoo accounts. Whatever Yahoo is doing to protect its users (if anything) is clearly not working very well at...

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One of the biggest problems with “the cloud”

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Here at Calm Computing, we’re frequently asked about “the cloud.” Frankly, I hate that term as it’s just a dumb buzzword for a fairly old technological concept of storing your data remotely for access from one or more endpoints. At this point, I won’t delve deeply into it, but there are many problems with “the cloud” and this article highlights one of the biggest ones, and that is a lack of control over your data. It’s interesting that the source of all this frustration in the article below comes...

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If you are looking for life insurance, Brian Souders is your guy!

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We here at Calm Computing, Inc. like to help out other local businesses by featuring them on our blog. Take a minute to read about our trusted colleague, Brian Souders. Finish Line Insurance Services represents a number of different insurance companies from all over the country. We have consistently set the bar higher every year in order to ensure our clients receive policies from only the strongest financial institutions. In all honesty, sometimes the best price does not make the best decision. Finish Line guarantees that the companies we...

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