Clarification on Yahoo email

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We’ve been asked to provide some clarification about our prior post regarding Yahoo’s email service.   Here’s why Yahoo one of our least favorite email services: 1) You’d get better security from a wet Kleenex. It seems that not a couple weeks go by and we’re getting phone calls from clients whose accounts have been hacked and hijacked, or people are getting obviously fraudulent/spam emails from friends of theirs with Yahoo accounts. Whatever Yahoo is doing to protect its users (if anything) is clearly not working very well at...

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One of the biggest problems with “the cloud”

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Here at Calm Computing, we’re frequently asked about “the cloud.” Frankly, I hate that term as it’s just a dumb buzzword for a fairly old technological concept of storing your data remotely for access from one or more endpoints. At this point, I won’t delve deeply into it, but there are many problems with “the cloud” and this article highlights one of the biggest ones, and that is a lack of control over your data. It’s interesting that the source of all this frustration in the article below comes...

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If you are looking for life insurance, Brian Souders is your guy!

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We here at Calm Computing, Inc. like to help out other local businesses by featuring them on our blog. Take a minute to read about our trusted colleague, Brian Souders. Finish Line Insurance Services represents a number of different insurance companies from all over the country. We have consistently set the bar higher every year in order to ensure our clients receive policies from only the strongest financial institutions. In all honesty, sometimes the best price does not make the best decision. Finish Line guarantees that the companies we...

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